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What is a Self Limiting Heating Cable ?

Self LimitingIt is a heating cable manufactured with a semiconductor matrix inserted between two conductors, to which a voltage is applied.

The more the matrix heats up, the more its resistance increases, until the cable reaches thermal equilibrium with its surrounding environment.

At stabilization, the resistance is maximum and the dissipated power is minimal. Its constitution is similar to resistors supplied in parallel, whose heat output is independent of the length of the cable.

This construction is similar to a resistance supplied in parallel, whose heat output is independent of the length of the cable.

What are the advantages of heating cables?

Heating cables, tracers, ribbons, or self-regulating or self-limiting heating cords can save energy.

In addition to this, as the powers per meter are independent of the length of the cable, the cables cut to the exact length desired without changing the power per meter. They are more robust, and have a longer life span.

Inherently, it is not possible to exceed the maximum temperature for which they are designed which brings an additional security (this is valid for all our self-regulating heating cables).

What are the main applications where heating cables are used?

Self-regulating heating cables have two main functions: frost protection and maintenance at low, medium or high temperatures.   

  • Frost protection of pipes, tanks, containers ....   
  • Defrosting gutters and gutter descents.   
  • Defrosting door seals in cold rooms.   
  • Roof snow removal.   
  • Temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks, containers ...

Why choose ELTRACE heating cables?

Made in FranceEltrace is a French company, French and European leader. The quality of our products is recognized by independent laboratories. We have obtained certifications such as ISO9001: 2015, ATEX, CSTB, EAC, etc... We are working on IECEX

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