One Box for all your Self Regulating Heating Cables

CableboxThe Box

  • Câble unwinding machine, simple, handy, light
  • Ideal for construction site, cable box offers you comfort and quick installation
  • Adapted to any configuration, you can use the cable box easily to unwind you cable.
  • Thanks to the cable box you can unwind your heating cables without fearing stuck spool and turn spring effect. You will avoid as well tension on the cable while unwinding it.
  • Its weight, really light (less than 0,830 kg empty) offers you more use facility and less tiredness.
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions (23cm X 33cm X 33cm), it will be easy for you to store it in your vehicule or shop.
  • The cable box offers a strong protection against construction site vagaries.
  • This will allow you to protect efficiently your cables against mechanical attack.
  • The cable box offers comfort during transport and handling with no risks for your cables and handy for his user.
  • Thanks to its handle, you can move your heating cables everywhere to have access to your construction sites without difficulties.

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