Adhesive fixing tape for heating element

There is two kinds of adhesive

  • Aluminium foil
  • Glass wool adhesive


Ribbon and heating câbles fastening

Resistant glass fabric adhesive ribbon, coated of a heat-hardening rubber adhesive mass.


  • Heating cable fastening on clean and dry external surfaces
  • Use on all kind of surfaces: black steel, stainless steel, plastic copper, PVC, polythene, polyester.
  • Implementation field: electrical tracing, and electrical engineering domain.
  • Chemically neutral adhesive mass made of a heat-hardening neutral rubber.


  • can be cut in length on site, without special tools
  • Reel storage : length 50 ml
  • Resistance to 130° C in permanence and 180°C in intermittent
  • Available on stock. in width 19 mm and 50 mm

Technical characteristics

  • Base: Glass fabric
  • Base thickness: 120 mM
  • Adhesive nature: Heat hardening natural rubber
  • Totale thickness: 150mM, without divider
  • Adherence on steel: 3.3 N / cm
  • Break resistance: 32N / cm
  • Probate: M1
  • Width (mm): 19mm, and 50mm
  • Length (ml): 50 ml per roll
  • Central chuck (mm): 76.1 mm (cardboard)
  • Weight (Kg) :
    • 19 mm: 0.150 Kg
    • 50 mm: 0.480 Kg

Storage conditions

This product is to store in a dry and fresh place, in shelter from sun and direct heating sources. If storage conditions are respected, product is guaranteed for 6 months from delivery date.

Importante note

Any claim, technical information, and products recommendations are established upon tests realised in our laboratories and our experience in application and electrical tracing, that we consider as reliable. However, in any case, user must determine if the product suits the surface on which he’s going to have to use it on.

Application surfaces must be cleaned and dried before application? User assume every risk and responsibility which may occur? On no account, seller or producer can be held responsible neither of an inappropriate use of the product, nor consequences which may occur.


Adhesive Aluminium foil ELAAadhesive aluminium foil


Aluminum tape, coated with solvent acrylic adhesive mass and protected by a glossy insert

Produced chemically neutral and non-aggressive on all types of surface


  • Width (mm) : 50mm, 75mm and 100mm
  • Length (ml) : 50 ml par rouleau
  • Central chuck (mm) : 76.1 mm (carton)
  • Weight (Kg)
    • 50 mm : 0.590 Kg
    • 75mm : 0.890 Kg
    • 100 mm : 1.04 Kg


  • Fix the heating cable on a clean and dry pipes
  • Use in distribution of calories, or surface of plastic pipes, PVC, polyethylene, to increase the exchange surfaces
  • Area of implementation: tracing electrical sealing pipes, thermal insulation covering on-insulator
  • Fixing heating cables on clean and dry outer walls
  • Use as a caloric spreader, on pipes or plastic surface, PVC, polyethylene, to increase the exchange surfaces
  • Field of application: electrical tracing, pipe sealing, insulation thermal insulation


  • Cut on length.
  • Storage on reel: length 50 ml
  • Resistant to 120 ° C continuous and 180 ° C intermittent
  • Available on stock


  • Support: Aluminum
  • Thickness of the support: 40μΜ
  • Nature of the adhesive: Acrylic Solvent
  • Total thickness: 80μΜ, without insert
  • Adhesion to T.A: 20N / 25mm steel
  • Resistance to breaking: 55N / 25mm
  • Fire classification according to standard: M1


This product is stored in a dry, cool place away from the sun and direct sources of heat. As long as the storage conditions are respected, the product is guaranteed for 6 months from the date of delivery.

Storage temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C


All claims, technical information, and product recommendations are based on tests performed in our laboratories and our experience in electrical heat tracing applications, which we consider

Download the adhesif aluminium datasheet

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