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Thermostat and electronic regulation for electric underfloor heating, heating cord, self-regulating heating cable for building, industry and refrigeration

Energy efficient control of ice and snow melting

ICE CONTROL: We cannont change the weather - but we do control the consequences

Download ETO Electronic controler Datasheet

Régulateur électronique pour la fonte de gel et verglas

We has developed the ETO2 controller for ice and snow melting in gutters and ground areas. Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures economical control of power consumptions when keeping out door areas and roofs free of ice and snow. The moisture sensor is installed in the surface of the out door area or placed in the gutter. As soon as moisture is detected, the ETO2 controller activates the snow melting system. Once the sensor has driedout, the thermostat immediately goes in after run and the system will continue to provide heat for a chosen time.

An intelligent all-in-one solution for ice and snow melting usable for all applications within hydronic as well as electrical heating. Optimal operation is ensured due to output control which makes the system both effective and economical. ETO2 offers you the possibility of snow melting—the green way.

  • Electronic on/off control up to 11KW
  • 2 zone control, individually controlled at the same time
  • Economical control-minimising energy consumption
  • Adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • Detection of temperature and moisture
  • Display and “knob wheel” for easy programming
  • Control of electrical or water-based ice and snow melting systems
  • Language options

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Ambiant and Surface Thermostat ELTH-A5

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION MARKET: Ambient and Surface Thermostat

Download the Technical datasheet

Ambient thermostat, surface thermostat

The ELTH-A5 thermostat  is a temperature control thermostat which allows the direct connection to the output of one (1) or two (2) heating cables or one (1) or two electric cables (type RVFV-U1000-3G2. 5) plus the direct connection of a power cable (type RVFV-U1000-3G2.5).
It can be used in industrial environments (refrigeration industry, maturation, etc.). It is perfectly adapted to the building and construction industry market.
The thermostat is liquid expansion type. It is a sensitive element with tinned copper bulb with stainless steel membrane.
Depending on the type of cable and number of cable, please follow the appropriate option. .

Alimentation et deux départs rubansAmbiant and Surface Thermostat ELTH-A5

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Electronic Thermostat (surface or ambient) with PT100 sensor - ELTE

Downlad Datasheet : ELTE - Electronic Controler


thermostat électroniqueTHERMOSTATS DATASHEET

Casing: polycarbonate with transparent cover.

Size: 125 × 125 × 75mm.

Weight: 520 g.

Protection type: IP 66.

Wiring: 1 × M12 1 × M20 1 × M25

Power supply: 230 V+/-10%, 50 / 60 Hz.

Breaking capacity: 15A / 230V.

Lighted indicators: "green" ON heating, "red" Sensor fault.

Ambient temperature:-30°C to +80°C.

Measurement input: PT 100 DIN, 2 or 3 conductors.

Electrical connection by stuffing box and terminal block


Reference Temperature range
ELTE-1 +0°C / +100°C
ELTE-2 +0°C / +200°C

Downlad Datasheet : ETO ice control

Electronic Thermostat "all or nothing",

Digital display, 2 setpoints, 1 output regulation and 1 output alarm

Download ELTH-B390 Electronic controler Datasheet

Electronic thermostatThe modular thermostat ELTHB-390 adapts to all cases where a temperature control is necessary: ​​atmosphere, air ducts, liquids, solids thanks to the different interchangeable probes available.

ELTH-B390 is a two-point regulator. It can be used for the management of neutral zones. They are equipped with an input for thermostatic probes type PT100, current 4 ... 20mA.  

The value of the sensor is displayed on a three-digit display. Regulators are available in standard 4DIN format and 230Vac power supply.


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Ambient and Surface Thermostat - ELTH-Ax

THERMOSTAT: Special construction market

Download Ambient and Surface Thermostat Datasheet


ELTH-Ax type thermostats (room or surface thermostats) can be used in building, industry, refrigeration, etc.
The setting is very simple simply position it on the desired set temperature. They work at dilatation of liquid. Base and cover in shockproof thermoplastic material, IP65 degree of protection.
G ½ cable gland for cable exit. Wall mounting with screw Ø M4 max
MQuick-release switching microswitch with voltage-free AgCdO contacts

AMBIENT THERMOSTAT ELTH-A4ambient thermostat

Adjustable from –20°C à +40°C
Switching capacity: : 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Differential : ± 2 K
Protection : IP 65
Matière Boîtier : Thermoplastique antichoc
Probe and Capillary:

SURFACE THERMOSTAT ELTH-A2thermostat de surface

Adjustable : –20°C à +40°C
Switching capacity: 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Differential (K) : 2 ± 0,5
Protection : IP 65
Box: Antichoc Thermoplastique
Probe and Capillary: Stainless Steel
Max. Temp. sensor: 60°C
Capillary Length: 1 m
Long. Bulbe : 95 mm


thermostat de surface

Réglable de +10°C à +90°C
Switching capacity: 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Différentiel (K) : 6 ± 1
Protection : IP 65
Box: Thermoplastique Antichoc
Probe and Capillary: Copper.
Temp. Max. bulbe : 120°C
Capillary Length:: 1.50 m
Long. Bulbe : 142 mm


Download Ambient and Surface Thermostat Datasheet

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