Ambient and Surface Thermostat - ELTH-Ax

THERMOSTAT: Special construction market

Download Ambient and Surface Thermostat Datasheet


ELTH-Ax type thermostats (room or surface thermostats) can be used in building, industry, refrigeration, etc.
The setting is very simple simply position it on the desired set temperature. They work at dilatation of liquid. Base and cover in shockproof thermoplastic material, IP65 degree of protection.
G ½ cable gland for cable exit. Wall mounting with screw Ø M4 max
MQuick-release switching microswitch with voltage-free AgCdO contacts

AMBIENT THERMOSTAT ELTH-A4ambient thermostat

Adjustable from –20°C à +40°C
Switching capacity: : 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Differential : ± 2 K
Protection : IP 65
Matière Boîtier : Thermoplastique antichoc
Probe and Capillary:

SURFACE THERMOSTAT ELTH-A2thermostat de surface

Adjustable : –20°C à +40°C
Switching capacity: 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Differential (K) : 2 ± 0,5
Protection : IP 65
Box: Antichoc Thermoplastique
Probe and Capillary: Stainless Steel
Max. Temp. sensor: 60°C
Capillary Length: 1 m
Long. Bulbe : 95 mm


thermostat de surface

Réglable de +10°C à +90°C
Switching capacity: 15A / 230V - 10A / 380V
Différentiel (K) : 6 ± 1
Protection : IP 65
Box: Thermoplastique Antichoc
Probe and Capillary: Copper.
Temp. Max. bulbe : 120°C
Capillary Length:: 1.50 m
Long. Bulbe : 142 mm


Download Ambient and Surface Thermostat Datasheet

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