Electronic Thermostat "all or nothing",

Digital display, 2 setpoints, 1 output regulation and 1 output alarm

Download ELTH-B390 Electronic controler Datasheet

Electronic thermostatThe modular thermostat ELTHB-390 adapts to all cases where a temperature control is necessary: ​​atmosphere, air ducts, liquids, solids thanks to the different interchangeable probes available.

ELTH-B390 is a two-point regulator. It can be used for the management of neutral zones. They are equipped with an input for thermostatic probes type PT100, current 4 ... 20mA.  

The value of the sensor is displayed on a three-digit display. Regulators are available in standard 4DIN format and 230Vac power supply.


Electrical Diagram

1-2 N.F Relay

13-15 N.F Relay

13-14 N.O Relay

18-19 Power Supply

21-22-23-24 Sensor

TTL Connexion

Download ELTH-B390 Electronic controler Datasheet