Ambiant and Surface Thermostat ELTH-A5

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION MARKET: Ambient and Surface Thermostat

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Ambient thermostat, surface thermostat

The ELTH-A5 thermostat  is a temperature control thermostat which allows the direct connection to the output of one (1) or two (2) heating cables or one (1) or two electric cables (type RVFV-U1000-3G2. 5) plus the direct connection of a power cable (type RVFV-U1000-3G2.5).
It can be used in industrial environments (refrigeration industry, maturation, etc.). It is perfectly adapted to the building and construction industry market.
The thermostat is liquid expansion type. It is a sensitive element with tinned copper bulb with stainless steel membrane.
Depending on the type of cable and number of cable, please follow the appropriate option. .

Alimentation et deux départs rubansAmbiant and Surface Thermostat ELTH-A5

  • Adjustable from + 0 ° C to + 90 ° C
  • Switching capacity: 16A / 230V
  • Thermostat housing 125x125x70 with regulation
  • system and bulb included.
  • Transparent cover for case (125x125x25)
  • Protection: IP 65
  • Housing: Thermoplastic Shockproof
  • Probe and Capillary: Copper.
  • Temp. Max. Bulb: 120 ° C

Dimension du thermostat ELTH-A5The housing has the following openings:

  • 2 x M16/M25
  • 2 x M16/M25
  • 3 x M12/M20
  • 3 x M12/M20

Can be used with the whole range of ELTRACE heating cables

Download the Technical datasheet

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