Free download: TRACEBAC Datasheet


Tracebac cable chauffant pour bac à condensat

Electric heating cables type TRACE-BAC assure you the best electrical tracing. They are conceived to prevent the ice risk formation in condensat receptacle, retention receptacle...

With integrated thermostat, the heating cable for condensat receptacle allows an easy and safe use. Its thermostat allows the heating cable to be set in motion only when temperature in under 5°C.

The power of 30w/m and its incorporated thermostat forbid any overheating.

When it’s cold, the thermostat set in motion the cable heating. And when it’s war, thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion in order to avoid any energy waste.

This cable is made of silicone with a waterproof thermostat.

Table of lengths and powers

References Power Length
TRACEBAC-2 60W 2m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-3 90W 3m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-4 120W 4m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-5 150W 5m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-6 180W 6m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-8 240W 8m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-x on demand on demand

Technical datasheet: silicon heating cables

  • Nominales values
  • Nominale voltage 230V
  • Dimension 5.5±0.2mm
  • Power tolerance +-2.5W
  • Silicone cable insulation
  • Max temperature under voltage +150°C
  • Silicone overjacket insulation
  • Min temperature –40°C
  • Minimale installation temperature - 35°C
  • Bending radius minimum 5 x Ad
  • Safety level : IP X7
  • Cold lead 1x1.00m

Products Qualifications

CE, RoHS, IPx7

Free download: TRACEBAC Datasheet


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