The definition of a constant power heating cable or constant power heating cable

Constant Power Heat Cable Datasheet

The main feature of parallel heating cables is to have a resistive wire wound spirally around an insulation. This makes it possible to obtain a constant power per linear meter whatever its length. The contact with the conductors is alternately depending on the length of the heating module (usually every meter, but this may vary depending on the needs).

The cable then forms a system of resistors in parallel powered by two conductors. When a voltage is applied in the conductors, the resistive heating wire receives the same voltage between all the points of contact, the power per linear meter of cable is then independent of its length.

The main applications of these constant power parallel heating cables are defrosting in cold rooms, joints, doors, trays, drain pipes, etc.

They are also widely used to prevent the formation of condensation water in control cabinets. They can also be used for frost protection of pipes, temperature maintenance of tanks, hoppers, elevators and other applications such as compressors, boilers, tanks, etc.


Constant Power Heat Cable Datasheet

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