Silicone Heating Cable

Download ELP-S heating cable datasheet

From Frost Protection to Temperature Maintenance...

Cordon chauffant siliconé



Length adjustable on site, packed in rolls, the eltrace constant power parallel heating tape type ELP-S represents a saving in application and design time.

Protection from freezing or maintaining at low and medium temperatures of pipes or tanks. Maintaining of diesel oil lines at a given temperature, Maintained temperature of products in the agro-food Industry.

Advantages : Storage in rolls, Finishing on site, Built-in cold terminations, High safety thanks to modular design,  Low cost price.

Silicone rubber description


  1. Bus wire: 2 x 1.5mm²
  2. First Insulation: Silicone
  3. Heating wire
  4. Heating Modul
  5. Second Insulation
  6. Braid
  7. Silicone Over Jacket

Download ELP-S heating cable datasheet

Reference    Power    Voltage    Max Temp. (energized)  Max. Length Heating Module
ELP-S-10 10 W/m 230 V 160°C 180m 1m
ELP-S-20 20 W/m 230 V 135°C 130m 1m
ELP-S-30 30 W/m 230 V 105°C 100m 1m
ELP-S-40 40 W/m 230 V 90°C 98m 1m
ELP-S-50 50 W/m 230 V 90°C 85m 1m
ELP-S-20-3 20 W/m 400 V 135°C 200m 1m
ELP-S-30-3 30 W/m 400 V 105°C 170m 1m


  • Nominal Voltage:     230 or 400 volts
  • Dimensions :        9,75 × 5,25 mm
  • Bus wire :        1,5 mm²
  • First Insulation:     Silicone
  • Heating wire:        Nickel-Chromium
  • Second insulation:     Silicone
  • Braid:             Nickel platted copper
  • Over Jacket:         Silicone
  • Maximum temperature: 200°C
  • Minimum Installation temperature: - 20°C


  • Naked Cable:                ELP-S-xx
  • Cable with Braid:            ELP-S-xx-B
  • Cable with braid and overjacket:    ELP-S-xx-BO

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