Download Self Limiting ELP-AL High Temperature Heating Cable

ELP-AL-BOT - Fluoropolymer Heating Cable

Cordon Chauffant Autolimitant Haute Température

For pipers or tanks high temperature maintenance up to 250°C

Applications :

Frost protection or temperature maintenance on pipe or tanks. Temperature maintenance in zone in chemical and petrochemical industry. Frost protection of condensation lines, steam pruge,. Temperature maintenance of rubber gas pipe analyser.

Avantages :

Storage in rolls, Finishing on site, Built-in cold terminations, High safety thanks to modular design.

Length adjustable on site, packed in rolls, the eltrace constant power parallel heating tape represents a saving in application and design time.


Reference Module Power Voltage Max Temp energized Max. Length
ELP-AL-BOT-30 1.00 m 30 W/m 230V 170°C 169m

1.75 m

1.75 m

10 W/m

30 W/m







ELP-AL-BOT-45 0.81 m 45 W/m 230V 165°C 135m
ELP-AL-BOT-60 0.70 m 60 W/m 230V 150°C 117m

Technical Datasheet:

  • Dimensions:  11 × 7.5 mm
  • Bus wire: 2 × 3.3 mm²
  • First insulation: Fluoropolymer - 0,45 mm
  • Résistance: Alliage bi métal
  • Second insulation: Fluoropolymer - 0,6 mm
  • Overjacket: Fluoropolymer - 0,4 mm


  1. Bus wire
  2. First insulation: Fluoropolymère
  3. Heating element
  4. Braid; Fiber Glass
  5. Outer Insulation: Fluoropolymère
  6. Braid
  7. Overjacket: Fluoropolymère

Nominals Values

  • Voltage: 230V / 400V
  • Tolerance: -2.5/+2.5 W        
  • Bending Radius: 5x Ad
  • Min installation Temperature: –60°C
  • Max Temp. unenergized: 250°C

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