Small Size Heating Cable TRACECO-S-15

ELTRACE Self Limiting Cable TRACECO-S


Frost Protection against ice and low temperature maintenance for Pipe, Tank, Receptacles, valves, gutters…

By using our tracers TRACECO(TM) type, you ensure the best heat-tracing system. They are designed to prevent any risk of burst pipes due to freezing. Self Limiting or Self Regulating Technology allows easy operation safely. The power changes depending on the temperature and prevents overheating.

When it is cold, the polymer shrinks and facilitates the flow of current, thereby increasing the temperature of the cable. As it gets warmer, the polymer expands and prevents the current: the Self Regulating cable heats less than before.

Finally, a « parallel » technology allows the cable to be cut to desired length directly on the site. Exact fit the length of heating cable for your needs. The Box storage system on coil allows easy handling, quick and convenient.

Self regulating heat cable description

Reference Désignation Power Dimension (first insulation) Dimension (overjacketed)
TRACECO-15 TRACECO ESR-S-12-AO 12 W/m at 10°C 6.40×3.80 (mm) 8.10×5.30 (mm)

TRACECO-S-12 - Power Curve for Self Limiting CableDatasheet

Cable Qualification

CSTB, EAC, CE, IP67, RoHS, REACH, UV-Resistant

Download the Self Regulating Heating cable TRACECO-S Datasheet