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Which practical information is needed to effectively protect your pipes against frost?

To protect your pipelines, pipes against frost, you must consider a set of parameters to effectively protect your networks. Whether it is water, chilled water, wastewater, sewage, hot water, hot water, city water, rainwater or other fluids to maintain frost.

To help you, we need to have a minimum of information about your pipes, to protect them from ice.

  • Pipe type: Metal or Plastic ?
  • Pipes Diameters
  • Temperature Maintenance: Frost protection
  • Minimum ambient temperature: usually -15 ° C, but we can adapt (-20 ° C, -30 ° C, or other)
  • The maximum exposure temperature: Products may circulate at high temperatures (hot water heating, or other fluids that require antifreeze protection during production shutdown for example)
  • The type of insulation is very important to heat loss calculation. More insulating the material is, less calories it needs . Glass wool, rockwool, Armaflex or Kaiflex, Styrofoam, Foamglass, Polystyrene, Polyurethane foam, Calcium silicate or other type of insulation.
  • Insulation Thickness (mm):
  • Number of Elbows: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the pipe.
  • Number of stitching: allows to determine the number of junction box (junction box) necessary for your application.
  • Number of Valves: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of Flanges: Determines the exact length of heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of pumps: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of instruments: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the pipework.
  • Supports: allows to determine the exact length of heating cord on the pipework.
  • Is it an ATEX explosive zone or safety area?
  • Supply voltage 12V / 24V / 110V / 230V / 400V / others?

All this information is important, if you have any questions, you can contact us directly by phone at +33 164 620 440.

Download GELTRACE heat cable Datasheet


Thanks to the thermostat and the self limiting heating cable

GELTRACE™ range is used for the frost protection of pipes. In the protigel™+ version, the thermostat automatically switches on the tape when the temperature falls under +5°C. It enables substantial energy savings and offers in complement the advantages and the safety of a self-regulating tape.
Avoids drainings and permanent use of hydraulic networks. Easy to implement. Available on stock.
Adjustable length according to the network size. Tape finished and controlled in the factory.
No overheating risk thanks to its self regulating system.
When it is cold, the polymer shrinks and facilitates the flow of current, thereby increasing the temperature of the cable. As it gets warmer, the polymer expands and prevents the current: the Self Regulating cable heats less than before.
Finally, a « parallel » technology allows the cable to be cut to desired length directly on the site. Exact fit the length of heating cable for your needs.

Description of GELTRACE self limiting heating cable

  1. Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2×0.55mm²)
  2. Self limiting heating element
  3. Insulation
  4. Tin-plated copper protective earth wires with Protective aluminium foil
  5. Thermoplastique (TPE-O) outer jacket (Black)
  6. Thermostat 5°C
  7. Cold lead (1m 3x1.5mm²)


Reference    Designation     Power
GELTRACE-1 Self Limiting cable, 1m lenght, with 5°C thermostat and 1m cold lead   15 W at 10°C
GELTRACE-xx Self Limiting cable, 1m to 35m lenght, with 5°C thermostat, 1m cold lead (available from 1 to 35m) 15 W/m at 10°C
GELTRACE-35 Self Limiting cable, 35m lenght, with 5°C thermostat, 1m cold lead  450 W at 10°C

Read more: Ready to use GELTRACE self limiting heating cable

Which materials to use to protect pipes?

We offer a complete set of connections and accessories to effectively assemble your freeze protection system with self-regulating heating cable..

A protection system against pipe freezing is a set of accessories. From the junction box for electrical connection to the thermostat. The following list is exhaustive::

Self Limiting Heating Cable and Tracing System - Frost ProtectionA Self Limiting Heating Cable, ELTRACE can do your heat-loss calculation. Except special application we usualy use TRACECO Self Limiting Heating cable

The connexion: This can be a connection box or electrical junction box (with its suitable connection kit and its pipe support) or a quick connector type DOMOCLICK, TRASSACLIP or other ELTRACE brand for warranty issues.

Adhesif aluminium foil type ELAA-50 to fix your self limiting heating cable to the pipe. You can also use glass fiber adhesive (more resistant)..

Ambient or surface thermostat type ELTH-Ax (usually an ambient room thermostat is sufficient for frost protection but not for a temperature maintenance). Depending on your needs, there are several types of thermostats: mechanical thermostats, capilary or electronic thermostats. Please, fell free to contact us any technical or commercial questions..

Labels type ELET, to indicate that there is a presence of electric heat tracing cables to prevent any risk..

AQUACABLE with one connector, safety-plug and thermostat (+5°C)

Free Download: Aquacable

câble chauffant antigel AquaCableAQUACABLETM Plug and Heat

TThe AQUACABLE heating cable are designed to prevent any risk of bursting pipes due to freezing. Designed for protection against freeze your pipes.

Thanks to its electrical outlet and integrated thermostat, installation is simple, fast and safely. The power of 10 W/m cable prohibits overheating your pipes while ensuring optimum antifreeze protection. When it is cold, the thermostat switches the operation of the heating cable. And when it's hot, the thermostat prevents the passage of current for the purpose of saving energy.

The cable is made of Thermoplastic with mechanical protection braid and earthing and an outer sheath of protection. High Quality Product


  • Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
  • Exterior diameter: approx. 9.00 mm
  • Smallest bending radius: 45 mm
  • Resistance tolerance: -5% / +10%
  • Nominal limit temperature: 65 °C (max)
  • Cold water supply tubing: 1 x 2.00 m
  • Minimum temperature for laying: 5°C
  • Cold / warm transition: seamless
  • Temperature regulator 16A: +5°C on / +15°C off
  • Protection: IPX7
  • Max. top surface heating: 10 W/m



Free Download: Aquacable


Download the Datasheet: TRASSANEIGE Gutter Heating

The implementation is fast, it is simply necessary to respect the precautions of use for a good operation of the TRASSANEIGE kit. The TRASSANEIGE kit protects your gutters and gutters against frost and snow accumulation. It is compatible with all materials (zinc, copper, stainless steel, galva, aluminum, lacquered steel ...).

Composition of the Gutter Heating Cable Kit Protection

Heating cable with 5 m cold connection, built-in thermostat for frost protection and plug. The heating element of the TRASSANEIGE kit is a self-regulating heating cable whose dissipated power decreases when the temperature of the gutter increases.

Reference Heating length Power at 10°C
TRASSANEIGE-xx on demand On demand

Gutter Heating Cable Installation

  1. Lay the heating cable flat without attaching it to the entire length of the gutter. If you want to fix it, use adhesive clips or other (accessories not provided by ELTRACE), in being careful not to damage it.
  2. Place the thermostat probe against the gutter to protect it from the sun (avoid disturbing the temperature measured by the thermostat).
  3. For downspouts with a diameter greater than 500mm, a round trip with the heating cable is necessary. Remember to fit a radius of curvature of the cable of at least 27mm. Lower the cable down the gutter down its entire height
  4. Plug the plug into an electrical outlet. The integrated thermostat will switch on the power when necessary (temperature below + 4°C).

Important Information

  • The TRASSANEIGE kit is intended for frosting gutters.
  • The TRASSANEIGE kit is an electrical element that requires assembly and use in accordance with current standards.
  • Only connect to a power socket protected by a residual current protection device of 30 mA maximum.
  • Never cut the cable on the heating part.
  • Installation and connection must be in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • The heating cable must be installed in a clean gutter.
  • The cable must be protected against any external aggression (such as welds, burrs, metal parts ...).
  • Never repair or replace a damaged or damaged cable.
  • For any damage or break on the cable, disconnect it and replace it!
  • Minimum bending radius: 27mm.

In accordance with NF C15-100

De-Icing Heating Cables for Gutter

Free Download - Technical Datasheet - Guttacable.pdf

GuttaCable « Gutter »

Complies with the NF C15-100

The GuttaCABLE system is conceived to prevent frost formation or snow in gutters. GuttaCABLE avoids bursting of gutter’s descents, as well as possible seepage caused by cold. Its plug and integrated thermostat allows an easy installation and use, and in total safety.

Cables power of 30w/m guarantee you the necessary power to avoid snow or ice formation. When it’s cold, thermostat set in motion the cable. And when it’s warm, the thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion uselessly and to waste energy.

Gutter Heating Cable

Cable is made of Thermoplastic with a mechanic braid protection and of earth connexion, as well as a resistant protection overjacket UV (UV rays).

Nominales Values

  • Nominale voltage 230V
  • Bending radius mini 5 x dA
  • Insulation: PTFE
  • Power: approx. 30 W/m
  • Cold lead connexion cable: 1x4,00 m (1,00 mm²)
  • Resistance tolerance -5% / +10 %
  • Max exposition temperature undervoltage 90°C
  • Outside diameter: approx. 8,20 mm
  • Hot/Cold cable junction: sleeveless, without shrink technology


Avoid snow and ice in gutters

Products Qualifications

CE, IPx7

Free Download - Technical Datasheet - Guttacable.pdf

Avoid snow and ice in gutters

Reference Length(m) Power (Watt)
GUTTACABLE-4  4  120
GUTTACABLE-5  5  151
GUTTACABLE-6  6  196
GUTTACABLE-10  10  293
GUTTACABLE-12  12  367
GUTTACABLE-14  14  419
GUTTACABLE-16  16  471
GUTTACABLE-20  20  627
GUTTACABLE-23  23  700
GUTTACABLE-30 30 919
GUTTACABLE-35 35 1103
GUTTACABLE-41 41 1265
GUTTACABLE-49 49 1440
GUTTACABLE-55 55 1719
GUTTACABLE-70 70 2062



Tracebac cable chauffant pour bac à condensat

Electric heating cables type TRACE-BAC assure you the best electrical tracing. They are conceived to prevent the ice risk formation in condensat receptacle, retention receptacle... 

With integrated thermostat, the heating cable for condensat receptacle allows an easy and safe use. Its thermostat allows the heating cable to be set in motion only when temperature in under 5°C.

The power of 30w/m and its incorporated thermostat forbid any overheating.

When it’s cold, the thermostat set in motion the cable heating. And when it’s war, thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion in order to avoid any energy waste.

This cable is made of silicone with a waterproof thermostat.

Table of lengths and powers

References Power Length
TRACEBAC-2 60W 2m heating cable + 2m cold lead 
TRACEBAC-3 90W 3m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-4 120W 4m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-5 150W 5m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-6 180W 6m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-8 240W 8m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-x on demand on demand

Technical datasheet: silicon heating cables

  • Nominales  values
  • Nominale voltage 230V
  • Dimension 5.5±0.2mm
  • Power tolerance +-2.5W
  • Silicone cable insulation
  • Max temperature under voltage +150°C
  • Silicone overjacket insulation
  • Min temperature –40°C
  • Minimale installation temperature - 35°C
  • Bending radius minimum 5 x Ad
  • Safety level : IP X7
  • Cold lead 1x1.00m

Products Qualifications

CE, RoHS, IPx7

Free download: TraceBac datasheet



Cordon chauffantLes cordons chauffants type DrainFree ou plus généralement ELR-S, sont spécialement conçues pour les applications dans le secteur de la réfrigération commerciale, industrielle et de la climatisation.

Parfaitement étanches grâce aux terminaisons froides intégrées, terminés et contrôlés en usine, elles sont extrêmement flexibles et fonctionnelles grâce aux caractéristiques spécifiques des matériaux qui les composent et à leur technologie de fabrication particulière. Cette dernière consiste en un bobinage de fil résistif en alliage Nickel/Chrome, Cuivre/Nickel ou similaire sur un support formé d’un fil en fibre de verre. Le bobinage ainsi obtenu est protégé à l’extérieur au moyen d’un composé spécial en silicone qui assure une tenue diélectrique élevée et permet au câble chauffant de fonctionner dans un large intervalle de températures : -60°C à +200°C.

Les cordons peuvent être éventuellement recouvert d’une tresse métallique multibrins qui garantit une protection mécanique élevée, une plus grande dissipation de la température et assure le contact de mise à la terre. Ils doivent être mis sous tension uniquement lors des cycles de dégivrage. Dans le cas de tuyauteries en plastique installées en chambre froide à faible température négative, nous vous conseillons d’utiliser des rubans chauffants autorégulants type TRACECO-20 ou TRACECO-30.

1 – Vulcanisation en caoutchouc silicone à tenue hermétique.

2 – Isolation en caoutchouc silicone avec couverture de tresse métallique multibrin (en option).

3 – Point coloré qui indique la limite de la section chaud-froid.

4 – Marquage données de plaque (sur toute la longueur à intervalles de 20 cm environ ou bien sur un spécial morceau de gaine).

5 – Câble résistif chauffant isolè en caoutchouc silicone.

6 – Câble électrique de retour isolé en caoutchouc silicone.

7 – Câble PVC jaune/vert pour branchement à la terre (en option).

Les cordons chauffants

Référence Désignation Puissance
DrainFree-1 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 1m, sortie froide 1x1m 40W / 230V
DrainFree-2 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 2m, sortie froide 1x1m  80W / 230V 
DrainFree-3 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 3m, sortie froide 1x1m 120W / 230V 
DrainFree-4 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 4m, sortie froide 1x1m  160W / 230V 
DrainFree-5 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 5m, sortie froide 1x1m  200W / 230V 
DrainFree-6 Cordon chauffant silicone, 40W/m, longueur 6m, sortie froide 1x1m  240W / 230V 


Caractéristiques générales des cordons chauffants pour tuyauteries d'écoulement.

Tension d’alimentation 12V - 400 Volts (sur demande).

Puissance spécifique au mètre linéaire de 5 à 80 Watts (selon le projet).

Dimensions et longueurs selon le dessin du client ou la réglementation de référence.

Température de fonctionnement entre -60°C et +200°C.

Tolérance générale sur les longueurs ±1% ou selon besoins spécifiques du client.


Conception, fabrication et essai selon les normes harmonisées EN 60335. · Conformité à la DIRECTIVE 2006/95/CEE. · Déclaration de conformité sur toute la gamme.

Télécharger la fiche technique

Self Limiting Heating Cable - Special COLD ROOM

To Protect Sliding Doors and Opening Doors From Freezing Up - Special Cold Room

Cordon porte de chambre froide, frigo

  • Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2x0.55mm²) 19×0,287 mm
  • Self limiting heating element (matrix)
  • Insultation (polyolefine)

Reference Designation Power Dimension
ESR-R-30 TRACECO-R - ESR-R-30 27 W/m at 0°C 6.10×5.60 (mm)
ESR-R-40 TRACECO-R - ESR-R-40 38 W/m at0°C 6.10×5.60 (mm)

Power curveSelf Regulating Cable Datasheet

  • Nominal Voltage: 230V
  • Maximum length circuit:
    • ESR-R-30…………. 110 m
    • ESR-R-40…………. 110 m
  • Tolerances: -0/+5W
  • Maximum exposure temperature (energised): 50°C
  • Maximum exposure temperature (deenergised): 55°C
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 30 mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: -35°C
  • Weight approx. 41.5 kg/km

Heating Cable Qualification



Les câbles chauffants type ELSOL peuvent être utilisés pour protéger les sols de chambres froides contre les soulèvements dus au gel.

Chauffage électrique de protection contre le gel de sol de chambre froide. La trame chauffante recouvre la surface de contact avec le substrat et contrecarre l'abstraction la chaleur du sol.

La puissance à installer est de l'ordre de 15 à 30 W/m². Compte tenu de l'inaccessibilité de l'équipement et du coût de l'ouvrage, nous avons prévu de doubler le circuit; le second câble constituant un secours éventuel. Bien entendu, les deux câbles ne doivent jamais fonctionner simultanément.

Le câble devra être régulé par un thermostat électronique du type ELTE-1. La sonde de température sera placée dans un doigt de gant, afin de la rendre interchangeable, elle sera disposée sur le même plan et dans l'axe des conducteurs chauffants.

Caractéristiques techniques des trames chauffantes pour sol de chambres froides négatives.

Tension: 230V ou 400V

Câble de liaison froide: voir tableau (1,50mm²)

Tolérances: -5%/+10%

Température mini d’installation: 5°C

Transition partie chauffante/partie froide: technologie sans surépaisseur ni gaine thermo-rétractable (entièrement étanche)

Mise en œuvre des trames chauffantes

La mise en œuvre des câbles chauffants s'exécute suivant le schéma ci-dessous ; il s'agit de protéger les sols de chambres froides contre le gel en créant une barrière thermique.

 Installation trame pour dalle inférieure de chambre froide

Télécharger la fiche technique

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FSelf Regulating Heat cable - Frost protectionProtect your pipes against frost

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone +33 164 620 440, fax +33 164 620 054 or email us : info (@)

Heating Cable Manufacturer

Avoid snow and ice in gutter

Heating cable for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Download Datasheet

Heating cable and heating mats for negative cold rooms soils.

Mat for lower slabs inside cold storage rooms for keeping warm the concrete to form a thermal barrier in the insulation.

Avoid condensation that can damage the soil in your cold room. Prevent ice formation on the doors


Le système ELTRACE permet de chauffer le sol à l’aide de courant électrique afin d’éliminer tout problème lié à la formation de verglas ou bien pour favoriser la fonte de la neige. Nous le recommandons en particulier pour les rampes d’accès, des balcons; accès parking, passages piétonniers, escaliers...

Ces équipements de déneigement permettent de chauffer le sol à l’aide d'une trame de câble électrique chauffant pour éviter la formation de verglas, de neige, de gel, ou bien pour favoriser la fonte de la neige.

Nous le recommandons en particulier pour des rampes d’accès, des balcons; accès parking, escaliers, les voies extérieures, la chaussée ou les passages piétonniers.
Les câbles chauffants vous évitent le salage des voies et vous permettent des économies substantielles.

En plus des câbles et cordons chauffants, ELTRACE a la possibilité de concevoir toutes sortes de produits composés de câbles chauffants tel que des flexibles chauffants, des jaquettes chauffantes, des panneaux chauffants, housse chauffante, etc...

ceinture chauffante pour bouteille de gazCeintures chauffantes

Pour bouteilles de gaz propane, gaz frigorigène, bouteilles, chauffage de fûts


housses chauffantes

Jaquettes chauffantes souples

Pour Robinetterie, Vannes, brides, filtres, Débitmètres, Compteurs, rotamètres, Niveaux à glace, Indicateurs locaux, manomètres, Clarinettes de distribution, Filtres, Capacités diverses

Flexible chauffant jusqu'à 350°CFlexible chauffant eltrace

Analyse de gaz, protection contre le gel, protection contre la formation de condensats, maintien en température de liquides, gaz, produits visqueux. Systèmes de collage à chaud, projection de polyuréthanne expansé, transformation de cires, mesures analytiques de gaz, installations de transformation du bitume, transformation de produits agro-alimentaires, dépotage de citernes routières

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