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FSelf Regulating Heat cable - Frost protectionProtect your pipes against frost

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Which practical information is needed to effectively protect your pipes against frost?

To protect your pipelines, pipes against frost, you must consider a set of parameters to effectively protect your networks. Whether it is water, chilled water, wastewater, sewage, hot water, hot water, city water, rainwater or other fluids to maintain frost.

To help you, we need to have a minimum of information about your pipes, to protect them from ice.

  • Pipe type: Metal or Plastic ?
  • Pipes Diameters
  • Temperature Maintenance: Frost protection
  • Minimum ambient temperature: usually -15 ° C, but we can adapt (-20 ° C, -30 ° C, or other)
  • The maximum exposure temperature: Products may circulate at high temperatures (hot water heating, or other fluids that require antifreeze protection during production shutdown for example)
  • The type of insulation is very important to heat loss calculation. More insulating the material is, less calories it needs . Glass wool, rockwool, Armaflex or Kaiflex, Styrofoam, Foamglass, Polystyrene, Polyurethane foam, Calcium silicate or other type of insulation.
  • Insulation Thickness (mm):
  • Number of Elbows: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the pipe.
  • Number of stitching: allows to determine the number of junction box (junction box) necessary for your application.
  • Number of Valves: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of Flanges: Determines the exact length of heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of pumps: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the piping.
  • Number of instruments: Determines the exact length of the heating cord on the pipework.
  • Supports: allows to determine the exact length of heating cord on the pipework.
  • Is it an ATEX explosive zone or safety area?
  • Supply voltage 12V / 24V / 110V / 230V / 400V / others?

All this information is important, if you have any questions, you can contact us directly by phone at +33 164 620 440.

Download GELTRACE heat cable Datasheet


Thanks to the thermostat and the self limiting heating cable

GELTRACE™ range is used for the frost protection of pipes. In the protigel™+ version, the thermostat automatically switches on the tape when the temperature falls under +5°C. It enables substantial energy savings and offers in complement the advantages and the safety of a self-regulating tape.
Avoids drainings and permanent use of hydraulic networks. Easy to implement. Available on stock.
Adjustable length according to the network size. Tape finished and controlled in the factory.
No overheating risk thanks to its self regulating system.
When it is cold, the polymer shrinks and facilitates the flow of current, thereby increasing the temperature of the cable. As it gets warmer, the polymer expands and prevents the current: the Self Regulating cable heats less than before.
Finally, a « parallel » technology allows the cable to be cut to desired length directly on the site. Exact fit the length of heating cable for your needs.

Description of GELTRACE self limiting heating cable

  1. Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2×0.55mm²)
  2. Self limiting heating element
  3. Insulation
  4. Tin-plated copper protective earth wires with Protective aluminium foil
  5. Thermoplastique (TPE-O) outer jacket (Black)
  6. Thermostat 5°C
  7. Cold lead (1m 3x1.5mm²)


Reference    Designation     Power
GELTRACE-1 Self Limiting cable, 1m lenght, with 5°C thermostat and 1m cold lead   15 W at 10°C
GELTRACE-xx Self Limiting cable, 1m to 35m lenght, with 5°C thermostat, 1m cold lead (available from 1 to 35m) 15 W/m at 10°C
GELTRACE-35 Self Limiting cable, 35m lenght, with 5°C thermostat, 1m cold lead  450 W at 10°C

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Which materials to use to protect pipes?

We offer a complete set of connections and accessories to effectively assemble your freeze protection system with self-regulating heating cable..

A protection system against pipe freezing is a set of accessories. From the junction box for electrical connection to the thermostat. The following list is exhaustive::

Self Limiting Heating Cable and Tracing System - Frost ProtectionA Self Limiting Heating Cable, ELTRACE can do your heat-loss calculation. Except special application we usualy use TRACECO Self Limiting Heating cable

The connexion: This can be a connection box or electrical junction box (with its suitable connection kit and its pipe support) or a quick connector type DOMOCLICK, TRASSACLIP or other ELTRACE brand for warranty issues.

Adhesif aluminium foil type ELAA-50 to fix your self limiting heating cable to the pipe. You can also use glass fiber adhesive (more resistant)..

Ambient or surface thermostat type ELTH-Ax (usually an ambient room thermostat is sufficient for frost protection but not for a temperature maintenance). Depending on your needs, there are several types of thermostats: mechanical thermostats, capilary or electronic thermostats. Please, fell free to contact us any technical or commercial questions..

Labels type ELET, to indicate that there is a presence of electric heat tracing cables to prevent any risk..

AQUACABLE with one connector, safety-plug and thermostat (+5°C)

Free Download: Aquacable

câble chauffant antigel AquaCableAQUACABLETM Plug and Heat

TThe AQUACABLE heating cable are designed to prevent any risk of bursting pipes due to freezing. Designed for protection against freeze your pipes.

Thanks to its electrical outlet and integrated thermostat, installation is simple, fast and safely. The power of 10 W/m cable prohibits overheating your pipes while ensuring optimum antifreeze protection. When it is cold, the thermostat switches the operation of the heating cable. And when it's hot, the thermostat prevents the passage of current for the purpose of saving energy.

The cable is made of Thermoplastic with mechanical protection braid and earthing and an outer sheath of protection. High Quality Product


  • Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
  • Exterior diameter: approx. 9.00 mm
  • Smallest bending radius: 45 mm
  • Resistance tolerance: -5% / +10%
  • Nominal limit temperature: 65 °C (max)
  • Cold water supply tubing: 1 x 2.00 m
  • Minimum temperature for laying: 5°C
  • Cold / warm transition: seamless
  • Temperature regulator 16A: +5°C on / +15°C off
  • Protection: IPX7
  • Max. top surface heating: 10 W/m



Free Download: Aquacable

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