Self Limiting Heating Cable - Special COLD ROOM

To Protect Sliding Doors and Opening Doors From Freezing Up - Special Cold Room

Cordon porte de chambre froide, frigo

  • Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2x0.55mm²) 19×0,287 mm
  • Self limiting heating element (matrix)
  • Insultation (polyolefine)

Reference Designation Power Dimension
ESR-R-30 TRACECO-R - ESR-R-30 27 W/m at 0°C 6.10×5.60 (mm)
ESR-R-40 TRACECO-R - ESR-R-40 38 W/m at0°C 6.10×5.60 (mm)

Power curveSelf Regulating Cable Datasheet

  • Nominal Voltage: 230V
  • Maximum length circuit:
    • ESR-R-30…………. 110 m
    • ESR-R-40…………. 110 m
  • Tolerances: -0/+5W
  • Maximum exposure temperature (energised): 50°C
  • Maximum exposure temperature (deenergised): 55°C
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 30 mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: -35°C
  • Weight approx. 41.5 kg/km

Heating Cable Qualification


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