ELTRACE Self regulating heating cable - certified ISO 9001 version 2015

ELTRACE Certifiée ISO 9001

ELTRACE has obtained ISO 9001 version 2015 certification for Quality management.



Constant Power Heating Cable

De-Icing Heating Cables for Gutter

Free Download - Technical Datasheet - Guttacable.pdf

GuttaCable « Gutter »

Complies with the NF C15-100

The GuttaCABLE system is conceived to prevent frost formation or snow in gutters. GuttaCABLE avoids bursting of gutter’s descents, as well as possible seepage caused by cold. Its plug and integrated thermostat allows an easy installation and use, and in total safety.

Cables power of 30w/m guarantee you the necessary power to avoid snow or ice formation. When it’s cold, thermostat set in motion the cable. And when it’s warm, the thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion uselessly and to waste energy.

Gutter Heating Cable

Cable is made of Thermoplastic with a mechanic braid protection and of earth connexion, as well as a resistant protection overjacket UV (UV rays).

Nominales Values

  • Nominale voltage 230V
  • Bending radius mini 5 x dA
  • Insulation: PTFE
  • Power: approx. 30 W/m
  • Cold lead connexion cable: 1x4,00 m (1,00 mm²)
  • Resistance tolerance -5% / +10 %
  • Max exposition temperature undervoltage 90°C
  • Outside diameter: approx. 8,20 mm
  • Hot/Cold cable junction: sleeveless, without shrink technology


Avoid snow and ice in gutters

Products Qualifications

CE, IPx7

Free Download - Technical Datasheet - Guttacable.pdf


Avoid snow and ice in gutters

Reference Length(m) Power (Watt)
GUTTACABLE-4  4  120
GUTTACABLE-5  5  151
GUTTACABLE-6  6  196
GUTTACABLE-10  10  293
GUTTACABLE-12  12  367
GUTTACABLE-14  14  419
GUTTACABLE-16  16  471
GUTTACABLE-20  20  627
GUTTACABLE-23  23  700
GUTTACABLE-30 30 919
GUTTACABLE-35 35 1103
GUTTACABLE-41 41 1265
GUTTACABLE-49 49 1440
GUTTACABLE-55 55 1719
GUTTACABLE-70 70 2062

Download Self Limiting ELP-AL High Temperature Heating Cable

ELP-AL-BOT - Fluoropolymer Heating Cable

Cordon Chauffant Autolimitant Haute Température

For pipers or tanks high temperature maintenance up to 250°C

Applications :

Frost protection or temperature maintenance on pipe or tanks. Temperature maintenance in zone in chemical and petrochemical industry. Frost protection of condensation lines, steam pruge,. Temperature maintenance of rubber gas pipe analyser.

Avantages :

Storage in rolls, Finishing on site, Built-in cold terminations, High safety thanks to modular design.

Length adjustable on site, packed in rolls, the eltrace constant power parallel heating tape represents a saving in application and design time.


Reference Module Power Voltage Max Temp energized Max. Length
ELP-AL-BOT-30 1.00 m 30 W/m 230V 170°C 169m

1.75 m

1.75 m

10 W/m

30 W/m







ELP-AL-BOT-45 0.81 m 45 W/m 230V 165°C 135m
ELP-AL-BOT-60 0.70 m 60 W/m 230V 150°C 117m

Technical Datasheet:

  • Dimensions:  11 × 7.5 mm
  • Bus wire: 2 × 3.3 mm²
  • First insulation: Fluoropolymer - 0,45 mm
  • Résistance: Alliage bi métal
  • Second insulation: Fluoropolymer - 0,6 mm
  • Overjacket: Fluoropolymer - 0,4 mm


  1. Bus wire
  2. First insulation: Fluoropolymère
  3. Heating element
  4. Braid; Fiber Glass
  5. Outer Insulation: Fluoropolymère
  6. Braid
  7. Overjacket: Fluoropolymère

Nominals Values

  • Voltage: 230V / 400V
  • Tolerance: -2.5/+2.5 W        
  • Bending Radius: 5x Ad
  • Min installation Temperature: –60°C
  • Max Temp. unenergized: 250°C

AQUACABLE with one connector, safety-plug and thermostat (+5°C)

Aquacable Datasheet - Frost Protection Heating Cable

câble chauffant antigel AquaCableAQUACABLETM Plug and Heat

TThe AQUACABLE heating cable are designed to prevent any risk of bursting pipes due to freezing. Designed for protection against freeze your pipes.

Thanks to its electrical outlet and integrated thermostat, installation is simple, fast and safely. The power of 10 W/m cable prohibits overheating your pipes while ensuring optimum antifreeze protection. When it is cold, the thermostat switches the operation of the heating cable. And when it's hot, the thermostat prevents the passage of current for the purpose of saving energy.

The cable is made of Thermoplastic with mechanical protection braid and earthing and an outer sheath of protection. High Quality Product


  • Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
  • Exterior diameter: approx. 9.00 mm
  • Smallest bending radius: 45 mm
  • Resistance tolerance: -5% / +10%
  • Nominal limit temperature: 65 °C (max)
  • Cold water supply tubing: 1 x 2.00 m
  • Minimum temperature for laying: 5°C
  • Cold / warm transition: seamless
  • Temperature regulator 16A: +5°C on / +15°C off
  • Protection: IPX7
  • Max. top surface heating: 10 W/m



Aquacable Datasheet - Frost Protection Heating Cable


Free download: TRACEBAC Datasheet


Tracebac cable chauffant pour bac à condensat

Electric heating cables type TRACE-BAC assure you the best electrical tracing. They are conceived to prevent the ice risk formation in condensat receptacle, retention receptacle...

With integrated thermostat, the heating cable for condensat receptacle allows an easy and safe use. Its thermostat allows the heating cable to be set in motion only when temperature in under 5°C.

The power of 30w/m and its incorporated thermostat forbid any overheating.

When it’s cold, the thermostat set in motion the cable heating. And when it’s war, thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion in order to avoid any energy waste.

This cable is made of silicone with a waterproof thermostat.

Table of lengths and powers

References Power Length
TRACEBAC-2 60W 2m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-3 90W 3m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-4 120W 4m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-5 150W 5m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-6 180W 6m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-8 240W 8m heating cable + 2m cold lead
TRACEBAC-x on demand on demand

Technical datasheet: silicon heating cables

  • Nominales values
  • Nominale voltage 230V
  • Dimension 5.5±0.2mm
  • Power tolerance +-2.5W
  • Silicone cable insulation
  • Max temperature under voltage +150°C
  • Silicone overjacket insulation
  • Min temperature –40°C
  • Minimale installation temperature - 35°C
  • Bending radius minimum 5 x Ad
  • Safety level : IP X7
  • Cold lead 1x1.00m

Products Qualifications

CE, RoHS, IPx7

Free download: TRACEBAC Datasheet


Silicone Heating Cable

Download ELP-S heating cable datasheet

From Frost Protection to Temperature Maintenance...

Cordon chauffant siliconé



Length adjustable on site, packed in rolls, the eltrace constant power parallel heating tape type ELP-S represents a saving in application and design time.

Protection from freezing or maintaining at low and medium temperatures of pipes or tanks. Maintaining of diesel oil lines at a given temperature, Maintained temperature of products in the agro-food Industry.

Advantages : Storage in rolls, Finishing on site, Built-in cold terminations, High safety thanks to modular design,  Low cost price.

Silicone rubber description


  1. Bus wire: 2 x 1.5mm²
  2. First Insulation: Silicone
  3. Heating wire
  4. Heating Modul
  5. Second Insulation
  6. Braid
  7. Silicone Over Jacket

Download ELP-S heating cable datasheet

Read more: Constant Wattage Heating Cable - Silicone heat cable - ELP-S

The definition of a constant power heating cable or constant power heating cable

Constant Power Heat Cable Datasheet

The main feature of parallel heating cables is to have a resistive wire wound spirally around an insulation. This makes it possible to obtain a constant power per linear meter whatever its length. The contact with the conductors is alternately depending on the length of the heating module (usually every meter, but this may vary depending on the needs).

The cable then forms a system of resistors in parallel powered by two conductors. When a voltage is applied in the conductors, the resistive heating wire receives the same voltage between all the points of contact, the power per linear meter of cable is then independent of its length.

The main applications of these constant power parallel heating cables are defrosting in cold rooms, joints, doors, trays, drain pipes, etc.

They are also widely used to prevent the formation of condensation water in control cabinets. They can also be used for frost protection of pipes, temperature maintenance of tanks, hoppers, elevators and other applications such as compressors, boilers, tanks, etc.


Constant Power Heat Cable Datasheet

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