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Low temperature Self regulating heat cable for corrosive atmosphere

Frost protection and low temperature maintenance for pipe, tank container, in corrosive atmosphere...

Câble chauffant teflon

The ESR-BOT tape is a self-limiting heating tape for applications for general protection against freezing in pipes. An additional layer connected to the heating element (bonded jacket) increases the effect of the electrical insulation and provides additional protection against moisture.
Fluoropolymer is used as an outer jacket, this material offers increased protection against chemicals
and abrasion. Fluoropolymers are also UV-resistant.
When it is cold, the polymer shrinks and facilitates the flow of current, thereby increasing the temperature of the cable. As it gets warmer, the polymer expands and prevents the current: the Self Regulating cable heats less than before.
Finally, a « parallel » technology allows the cable to be cut to desired length directly on the site. Exact fit the length of heating cable for your needs.
The Box storage system on coil allows easy handling, quick and convenient. This product is in stock and can be used with the fast connector system DomoClick®


  1. Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2x1.25mm²)
  2. Self limiting heating element, Matrix
  3. Insulation
  4. Braid
  5. Fluoropolymer overjacket
Reference Designation Power Dimension
ESR-10-BOT ESR-2-BOT-10 10 W/m at 10°C 11,50 x 5,50 (mm)
ESR-15-BOT ESR-2-BOT-15 15 W/m at 10°C 11,50 x 5,50 (mm
ESR-20-BOT ESR-2-BOT-20 20 W/m at 10°C 11,50 x 5,50 (mm)
ESR-25-BOT ESR-2-BOT-25  25 W/m at 10°C 11,50 x 5,50 (mm)
ESR-30-BOT ESR-2-BOT-33 33 W/m at 10°C 11,50 x 5,50 (mm)








Product Qualification


Download ESR-BOT heat cable datasheet

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